iStock_000007319768XSmallAt the end of the day, we all desire to have a penis that is satisfying to us and our sexual partners. We also want a penis that, if seen by anyone, (for example, in clinics, communal showers, locker rooms, changing rooms etc), we can feel confident no one is thinking ‘he hasn’t got much!’. I’ve worked in the male health sector for many years and no matter how professional people are, now matter how ‘quality not quantity’ sexual partners claim to be, penis size matters! It matters for us psychologocally and it matters for us sexually, and it matters far more than we readily admit.

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Penis enlargement depends on understanding the anatomy and properties of the penis. Natural male enhancement techniques are truly the only way to safely and effectively make your dick bigger. The penis is mostly tissue which acts like a sponge to expand or contract. A bigger penis means working on the penis tissue. Bigger erections depend on how much the penis tissue can absorb and retain blood flow. It is very easy for you to naturally and safely adjust the properties of your penis tissue and get a bigger penis and bigger erections. I have tried this method, it works and I’ve been recommending and hearing the positive results since years in the male health sector in which I work.

Why bother to get a bigger dick?  There are three main reasons;

increased ability to give consistent sexual satisfaction (size matters)

increase in self esteem and self confidence

better looking overall body image

Maximizing the potential of our body while respecting it at the same time is the key to long-term success. Penis exercises, which are significantly different from masterbation techniques, are the best, safest, most natural and most effective way to get a guaranteed bigger penis. There really is no doubt or argument about this, penis exercises work as the both the safest and the best male enhancement technique. Successful, long term, healthy penis growth cannot be acheived by taking endless courses of pills – containing heck knows what. With correct guidance and technique, male enhancement using penis exercises is the sure way to make my dick bigger

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Make My Dick Bigger – How?

iStock_000002979064XSmallThe anatomy of the penis, while complicated at cellular level, is simple in it’s basic system. The external part of the penis is basically one tube for urine and semen surrounded by tissue that acts exactly like a sponge. As the penis saturates with blood in the penis tissue it expands and becomes erect. The size of the penis depends on the flow of blood and the capacity of the tissue to receive and retain blood. A complicated cocktail of chemical reactions ensure that the blood remain in the penis for some time to keep it hard. Altering these chemicals artificially with pills is to put your general health and the long term performance of your penis at risk. If you want to get a bigger penis naturally and safely then click this link or please read on…..

 My simple analogy to help understand how the penis really works.

Imagine an empty room with one door. Imagine your penis tissue is made up of hundreds and thousands of these rooms – each empty and with one door. For an erect penis, the room floods and the door is closed to keep the room flooded. When the door is opened, the rooms empty and the the penis becomes smaller and soft. So, erectile dysfunction is when the rooms are not flooded properly or the door isn’t working properly and the room can’t fill or can’t stay properly flooded. To ‘make my dick bigger’, we need to increase the size of the rooms while making sure they flood fully anf the door closes properly and long enough. This analogy basically sums up the vast majority of our penis problems. Chemical products to increase the size of the rooms are extermely risky since they can also damage the walls and have adverse effects on the flood and doors working properly. I have spoken to numerous men who have a chemically increased penis size but are now having erections problems and then go back to the market to start buying more chemicals for a full erection and one that stays hard. Pills for this, pills for that – so much of it uncertified and untested and the industry is growing. There are unlicensed factories in some countries using all sorts of base chemicals and substances to make a marketable product for male enhancement.

The daft thing is that once you understand how you truly can have a bigger penis, then you know none of the pills and potions are necessary anyway. There is absolutely no need to put your general health at risk and even the long term health of your penis by throwing chemicals in your body – and very often they don’t work anyway. You can have a bigger penis and there is a perfectly safe, natural and 100% effective way to do this. It works, I’ve tried it, the results are natural and permenant. Enlarge your penis and respect your body at the same time. Click this link and find out more

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Bigger Penis and Male Enhancement Pills

Young sexy handsome man looking in his pantsThe male enhancement industry is huge. Greater popularity and easier access to the adult entertainment industry means that more and more men are seeing erections that are larger than theirs is. Before the boom of this industry the vast majority of men would never have seen another erect penis and so male enhancement was only a very minimal issue, if at all. If you want to have a guarenteed bigger penis safely and easily then click the link for the best place and best price   otherwise please read on……

Penis enlargement is now seriously big business. Unfortunately, many in the product industry are working on pills for penis growth. They all promise bigger and better erections, a longer penis, a thicker penis etc. Men’s health recently published a special article on this. Most male enhancement pills are marketed as male suplements – suggesting you are taking some kind of vitamin tablet with a extra twist that will give you a bigger penis. The truth is these products are largely UNTESTED! In this highly competative and large industry, all sorts of people are going to extra-ordinary and uncertified lengths to sell new pills and potions for a bigger penis or a thicker penis.

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